The author, Tyrone Ross, decided to write the depths of Medusa's story describing her trials and triumph through her perspective, going into her world like never before.

I was brought onto this project as the lead artist, creating character designs, transparent background drawings for the storytelling aspect, illustrations, and a cover. On this page, you can view what I did for the project and the final product of Tyrone's episodes for the production.


Medusa, synonymous with the word monster, is one of three Gorgons who possesses the power to petrify any living creature. With bronze claws, a mane of venomous snakes and deadly eyes that can snatch the life from anyone who looks upon her, Medusa was ancient Greece's weapon of mass destruction. Mythology briefly told the story of the life, plight, and death of the Gorgon. However, it was a partial account of a being that lived over three thousand years ago. In truth, Medusa is alive today, in the 21ST century! From the shadows of obscurity, she has risen to assume the guise of Madame Cynthia Petrakis, reclusive billionaire, philanthropist, and humanitarian. One person, archeologist Jerimiah Clarke, unwittingly stumbled upon her secret. It was a discovery that nearly ended in tragedy, yet became the foundation of a new and true friendship. Few know of Medusa's story and now she has decided to reveal it to one man.

This is Herstory!


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Video produced by Tyrone Ross, Voice direction by Diana Perez, Voice actress starring Vanessa Bartlett, Artwork by La'Vata E. O'Neal

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