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The Witch and the Beast will resume but we need some assistants!

We’d like to hire at least two assistants or if a single person can do both jobs, you will be compensated the same rate for both jobs. You will be reviewed by both the lead artist and writer for the witch and the beast series!


  • Must speak English

  • Must own and be familiar with Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint.

  • Must be able to complete work within 24 hours after receiving files.

  • Must have some level of experience doing color flats and/or doing lettering for comics/webtoons.

  • Must clear one (1) panel test to qualify.

  • Keep the unaired episodes confidential

  • Be all-around awesome!

Coloring flats, ($110 per episode) we will provide color palettes for characters to be applied to the linework of each episode in production, we don’t expect you to color backgrounds. The flats need to be kept separate from the linework and must look clean with no visible gaps between lines and the color fill. You will be paid for work completed. Please ask questions if you have any.

Lettering, ($40 per episode) we need someone who can handle creating speech bubbles and placing the text into them for each episode in production. You will be paid for the work completed. Please ask questions if you have any.

The time schedule for each position is to have them returned within 24 hours, but if not able to contractor must inform the lead artist as soon as possible as the work must be done within 48 hours (two days max) in order to keep production on schedule.

We encourage open communication so if there’s anything you’re confused about please ask, doesn’t matter what it is :D thank you for considering joining our team!

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