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All schedules are determined on a week-to-month basis. Have questions? visit the FAQ section.

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Character Art

This one is for you creatives that have numerous characters and want to see them come to life in my style! Choose a pose and reference that shows their favorite outfit, plus express them the way you see them!

  • $150 Per individual character artwork (not including tax)

  • $255 for 2 characters in the painting, save 15% over individual paintings (not including tax)

  • $360 for 3 characters in the painting, save 20% over individual paintings (not including tax)

Inquire for a quote that has more than three characters.

Character Art requires pre visually established characters.


CDS Example 1

CDS Example 2

CDS Example 3

Character Art Requirement Example

Character Art

Cartoon Portrait

Turn any individual into a cartoon! A family member or a friend, including yourself as a gift!

  • $150 Per individual, 1 person portrait (not including tax)

  • $255 for 2 person portrait, save 15% over individual paintings (not including tax)

  • $360 for 3 person portrait, save 20% over individual paintings (not including tax)

Inquire for a quote that has more than three people.

Cartoon Portrait art requires pictures of the person who is going to be drawn into a character (your relative or friend) and any additional information about what you would like to wear.

Cartoonish Selfie
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Tell your story with paneled images,

a.k.a comic pages! 

Comics require pre visually established characters (front-to-back visuals) and also proper comic scripts.

Comic Pages
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Character Design Sheets

Character design sheets are made to show your character from the most important angles and details. These can be used for 3D rendering, animation, or comics. They're important for showing how a character's outfit functions or how it should look all the way around! You can also get ones that feature expressions and the face at more angles!

What's a part of the service?

  • Additional consultations on the concepts

  • A full character turn around

  • character head angles (limit 4)

  • character posed (1)

Character sheets require information on the character(s).

Character Design Sheet Requirement Example


Bypass the Concept Art

For characters that already have a visual and only need to be mapped out professionally.

Character visual Example 1

Character visual Example 2

Character visual Example 3

Character design sheets

Scene Illustrations

Create a scene that tells a story about a character or a place for a book, a poster, or just something personal.

Scene Illustration backgrounds can be painted or done as simply with linework. It can take up to 10 days to create a substantially detailed piece. You can inquire about a scene with characters or without them, such as environmental art that is nature-oriented or city artwork.

These illustrations require pre-visually established characters and references for background elements.

Story Illustrations
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